BarracudaCast 32223: Bf-109G-2/10 Seat - No belts

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Scott Van Aken

This is a neat upgrade set for the 1/32 Revell Bf-109G kits. The seat includes the rear bulkhead and the section that goes back from that. This is all a single castng and requires basically no trimming to install, a real plus, though you might want to round off the edges a bit.

This seat is produced without belts. This allows you to use any of a variety of aftermarket seat harnesses made for the 109G. One simply has to drill a couple of holes, make eyelets out of wire, and hook the belts to it. The seat includes full instructions on installation as well as how to install the belts. There are photos to help out.

The casting on the pieces is superlative and a big improvement over the kit parts. I am not sure if this would fit the Hasegawa kit, but my feeling is that it will not without some work.

 My thanks to BarracudaCals for the review set. You can get yours today at this link.

July 2016

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