BarracudaCals 48003: P-47 Thunderbolts part 3

Units: 57, 78 & 368 FG




Scott Van Aken

The third Thunderbolt sheet from BarracudaCals covers a variety of types and camouflage schemes. This set is different from the 1/32 sheet in that it has two planes not on the larger scale version. There is also a small addendum sheet included with a darker blue for the first option in case you prefer that shade.  Thanks to BarracudaCals for taking the time to make things right in this regard. For kits, you have a variety though most will gravitate to the Tamiya or Hasegawa versions.

First aircraft is 'Schmaltzie' a P47D-30 of FJ. Middleton with the 57th FG in Italy during 1944. Yellow pylons  and a red cowl front add color. This plane carried a P-51 drop tank on the centerline.

Next is from the 78th FG. 'Eileen' is a popular subject with its checkered nose and lower wing/fuselage invasion stripes. This early production D model has the later cut back cowl flaps, so no mods needed. A full check placement guide is given so you'll be sure to get that on correctly.

The third option is Bill Wayland's 'Sleepy Jean III' from the 368th FG. This aircraft was based in France during the spring of 1945. Yellow wing bands with black outlines. This one has non-standard fuselage insignia

The sheet instructions are very nicely done in full color and provide an excellent data placement guide. The Microscale printed decals are crisply  done and the nose art markings are especially well printed.

My thanks to BarracudaCals for the review set. E-mail them at for more information and to order your set.

July 2009

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