BarracudaCals 48002: P-47 Thunderbolts part 2

Units: 405 and 406 FG




Scott Van Aken

The sheet is designed for the Tamiya or Hasegawa P-47D and has enough common markings to do one of the three planes. You'll also notice that there are  different fuselage insignia. This is because the planes had these placed just a bit differently from each other so the extra set was needed to take into consideration the exhaust vents.

Two of the planes are 'bubbletops' from the 512 FS/406 FG in Belgium during early 1945 and have yellow cowlings and speed stripe. Both are mostly unpainted metal and BarracudaCals provides the pinstriping for the section of cowling that you'll have to paint. I'll cover those first.

First up is 'Kansas Tornado II' of Howard Curran with the 510 FS/405 FG in France during 1944. His 'razorback' P-47 has standard ID stripes and invasion stripes on the underside of wings and fuselage. The forward cowling and canopy frame are blue. All three planes use the Curtiss-Electric 13' paddle blade prop.

Next is "Angie" as flown by Col. Anthony Grosetta. This aircraft has an OD tail section, though the underside of the stabs and elevators are in aluminum. White stab stripes on the upper side and one assumes black on the underside. These ID stripes will need to be painted on both options.

Finally we have "Little Ann", as flown by an unknown pilot. This one has the remnants of invasion stripes as does the first option. These will also need painted. For the tail, use the markings with the darker blue. Note also that the unit codes are not exactly the same size so be sure to follow instructions on which go with which aircraft. This one has a darker blue in the fin stripes and that is provided on a smaller sheet along with a darker blue 'angie' for the previous plane's name.

Instructions are superbly done and in full color. A full data placement guide is on the back page. One must e-mail BarracudaCals to order these.

My thanks to BarracudaCals for the review set. E-mail them at for more information and to order your set.

October 2008

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