BarracudaCals 32006: P-40E Warhawks part 1

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Scott Van Aken

There are 'standards' in aircraft markings as there are in many things in life like books, movies, songs, food and so on. For the P-40E, there are schemes that just about everyone likes and Barracudacals has put them on this decal sheet. These are all E model P-40s and all are painted Olive Drab over Neutral Grey, making for some pretty simple painting.

 First up is “Yellow 49” of the 343rd Fighter Group, pilot unknown. It was based in the Aleutian Chain, Alaska. Spring, 1943. It carries the famous 'Aleutian Tiger' markings with a yellow spinner and white bands. The instructions provide the width of these, but they will need painted on. The underside has the 'US Army' logo.

Tarheel” White 85 of the 9th FS/49th FG. was flown by 2nd Lieutenant George Preddy. Based at Darwin, Australia. February, 1942. This also has the 'US Army' logo under the wings and the dragon motif on the right side of the nose. You'll notice that this and other Pacific Theater P-40s had the serial number overpainted for some odd reason.

Finally, one of the more famous Warhawks and perhaps the one most built is White 7, flown by the C.O. of 23rd Fighter Group, Colonel Robert L. Scott. Kunming, China, Early October 1942. Though named 'Old Exterminator' that was never painted on the plane. This is an ex-Flying Tigers plane so has no fuselage insignia. The spinner can be any color you want as Scott often had it repainted after a mission.

Common markings enough for one aircraft and the decals are superbly printed by Cartograf, so you know you are getting good color saturation and crisp markings. For kits, most will choose Hasegawa, though there is no reason why the old Revell kit wouldn't work just as well, though it wouldn't be as detailed or as easy to build.

Thanks to BarracudaCals for the review set. Visit them at for more information and to order your set.

March 2009

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