BarracudaCals 32002: P-47 Thunderbolts part 2

Units: 4 & 78 FG




Scott Van Aken

For their second new 1/32 sheet, here are two early OD over Neutral Grey 'Razorback' P-47s. The builder will need to do a small amount of work in order to replicate the C aircraft. This mainly consists of changing the lower cowl flaps and removing the wing pylons as these aircraft were not fitted for them. I'm also thinking that the keel for these planes was not as deep as on later P-47Ds, but I'll leave that up to the experts to determine. The sheet is designed for the Trumpeter kit.

First is from the 334 FS/4 FG and is a C model  from early 1944 named 'Wela Kahoe'. This is in standard markings with the white cowl and tail plane bands.

The other is Frank Oiler's 'Eileen' from the 84 FS/78 FG in mid 1944. This has invasion stripes on the lower wings and fuselage and the wing's standard checked cowling.  The instructions show exactly which section of check goes on which part of the cowling so pay attention to that when the time comes.

The sheet instructions are very nicely done in full color and provide an excellent data placement guide. The Microscale printed decals are crisply  done and the nose art markings are especially well printed.  I placed the 'Wela Kahoe' marking atop that data section as there was no room for it on the platen.

My thanks to BarracudaCals for the review set. E-mail them at for more information and to order your set.

October 2008

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