BarracudaCals BC48375: Spitfire Late Mark Airframe Stencils

For: Any appropriate 1/48 Spitfire


$5.95 MSRP


Scott Van Aken

Another nice set of stencils from BarracudaCals. This time is is for late mark Spitfires. By that we mean Spitfire VIII to 24. It also includes Seafires from XV through 47. These are quite handy to have if the kit you have is old and their decals are no longer viable. Or because you want to have accurate stencils as often the ones in kits are illegible.

This sheet has enough stencils for one aircraft and it comes with a complete placement guide. Fortunately, the Spitfire really wasn't festooned with these but every plane that left the factory had them.

Well worth the time and effort to pick up a set. You can simply add one to your next order from BarracuadCals.

April 2018

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