Balkan Models BM-7209: Anatov An-2




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Scott Van Aken


 1/72 scale, six options

Though it looks like an anachronism on wings, the An-2 is a safe and sturdy aircraft that was supplied to many nations, including those who were influenced by the Soviet Union. Those days are gone, but the An-2 continued to soldier on and probably will for many years. It makes for an excellent choice for this new Balkan Models sheet as most, if not all of the nations in this area of the world have or are now flying this rugged biplane. Fortunately, we have a kit of this aircraft produced by Bilek/Italeri and it is a fairly good one.

There are six different markings options provided, each with a rather interesting camouflage scheme, some of them rather complex.

First up is an overall grey plane as flown by the Bulgarian Air Force in 2009

Next  is one of two similarly camouflaged aircraft. The first one is from the Yugoslav Air Force in 1991.

Third is a different plane, but similarly camouflaged as flown by the Serbian Air Force in 2008

The shark mouth An-2 in the rather fetching scheme is from the Macedonian Air Force in 2003. No roundels on this one, just a fin flash.

The fifth option is a rather staid looking Albanian Air Force plane from 2006 in standard Russian camouflage of dark blue-grey over blue-grey.

The tiger striped version is from the Croatian Air Force in 1992. This will be a most interesting scheme to paint.

The sheet is very nicely printed and I saw no registration errors. There are unique markings for all six options and stencils enough for one plane.

Instructions are beautifully printed in full color and provide four views of each of the eight options. In addition to some historical background, a comprehensive color guide is provided with nine different manufacturers being represented so you are sure to find a match. The instructions are of the fold out type.

Thanks to Balkan Models for the review sheet. Ask your local shop to get this one for you when it is available or visit the link.

December 2012

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