Balkan Models BM-4802: 352 Squadron Partisan Spitfires




Jugoslav Air Force


Scott Van Aken



For their second 1/48 sheet, Balkan Models has chosen to do an interesting Spitfire sheet. In the last year of the war in Europe, Yugoslav partisans with the RAF were formed into 352 Squadron, and after initial outfitting with Hurricanes, were given Spitfire Vb/c aircraft. At first, they operated out of Italy, but eventually moved to the only Adriatic island not held by the Germans at Vis. The unit flew fighter bomber and fighter bomber escort missions until disbanded shortly after the end of the war.

This sheet provides the ability to do four of eight possible options. At least, if the fuselage bands are for one aircraft each, this seems possible. All of the aircraft are in standard RAF European scheme with yellow wing leading edge ID markings and Sky spinner. They also all have a Volkes air filter. Seven of the eight options have names in red on the filter on the left side. Some have spoked wheels while others have solid covers. There are also differences in the upper canopy mirror. The instructions, which are supebly done, will provide information on which plane used which as well as the standard markings guide. As you can see, some of the upper wing roundels were different.

The recommended kit is Tamiya for the Vb and Special Hobby for the Vc. The decals themselves are superbly printed and quite thin.

Thanks to Balkan Models for the review sheet. Ask your local shop to get this one for you when it is available or check the link for the stockist nearest you.

July 2012

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