Balkan Models BM-14401: JRF Roundels, Numbers & Flags




Pretty much any Yugoslav AF aircraft


Scott Van Aken



Now here is a very useful sheet from our friends at Balkan Models. This one is their first 1/144 sheet and logically starts with a set of roundels, code numbers and fin flashes (flags) for post WWII Yugoslave AF aircraft. For those of you who do not think that 1/144 has grown in the last several years, think again as it is currently one of the more vibrant areas of the hobby.

The set has three sizes of roundel (1000mm, 750mm and 500mm), two widths of fin flash (900 and 450mm) as well as numbers of various styles and colors. The larger numbers are used for the wings and nose while the smaller ones are the serial numbers. Generally, the wing and nose numbers match the last three digits of the aircraft's serial number.

The sheet itself is superbly printed and in perfect register. I have scanned the sheet darker than usual so you can see the white numbers a little better. The instruction sheet shows the proper placement of the markings and gives an indication of which sizes were used on which aircraft. Same with the different styles of numbers. As always, it is a good idea to have a photo of the aircraft in question as some of these show two different styles of numbers if the airframe was particularly long lasting (such as the F-84 and T-33).

Thanks to Balkan Models for the review sheet. Ask your local shop to get this one for you when it is available or visit the link.

February 2012

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