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Aztec 48-006 for Peruvian AF pt 2




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Scott Van Aken


Also available in 1/72

This particular sheet is for aircraft of the Peruvian AF. Peru has one of the more potent air arms in South America and has been using it in the past decade or so against Ecuador and internal anti-government forces. Like most Latin countries, it gets its equipment from whomever can give them the best deal on the type of aircraft they need. They have bought aircraft from France, Israel, Russia, and the US, amongst others.

This particular sheet covers some of the aircraft not shown in the first part (check the website for more info). It runs the gamut from older aircraft to the newer types.

First is a nice F-86F-25, one of 14 received from the US in 1955. It is natural metal with a large shark mouth. Also on the sheet are A-37Bs, aircraft perfect for light ground attack and a Bell 206 light observation helicopter. From the Soviet contingent are SU-22s in a variety of interesting camouflage schemes. French Mirages of a couple of different varieties are shown in both desert and temperate schemes. These Mirage 5s are used more for ground attack than for air defense.

As with other Aztec sheets, the decals are superbly printed in vibrant colors and spot on in register. The instruction sheet is also in full color and gives accurate decal placement. It also has a list of suggested kits, some of them, unfortunately, not exactly easy to find any more. For the 1/72 fans, this sheet is available in that scale so you are not forgotten.

A really excellent sheet on an equally interesting air force. If you cannot obtain Aztec sheets locally, visit their website via the hyperlink below.

Review sheet courtesy of Aztec. Visit their website for more information on other sheets.

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