Aviaeology AOD72031: Venturas in Canada 2


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Scott Van Aken


Also available in 1/48

For their second Ventura sheet, Aviaeology has chosen a pair of operational units. In this case it is 113 and 145 (BR) Squadrons, Eastern Air Command. These are all Ventura GR.V versions and are painted either white or were left in USN blue-grey over light grey. From what I can gather, Canadian Venturas were mostly if not all ex-USN planes. Not to say these planes were war weary, as often it was a quick paper transfer where the USN accepted the plane one day and a few days later transferred it to the RCAF.

About half the options are from 113 squadron and the other half from 145 squadron. These are generally rather business-like planes without names and with minimal markings aside from perhaps an aircraft number, though not all planes even had that. At least one, however, has a nice Donald Duck character on the right rear fuselage.

The decals are superbly printed and the instruction sheet offers a wealth of information on each aircraft. I have to say that the notes on the back of the booklet have confused me when it comes to camo schemes. According to the list only two planes are overall white while the profiles show five. In fact, color information is something for which the builder needs to do some careful reading. Aviaeology states that when a sheet is sent to the buyer, a bit later a link to full color .pdf files is also provided. These, I'm sure, will clear up any issues in this regard. As of this writing, that e-mail has not yet arrived.

The sheet is a real plus for the Ventura fan and those wanting a different scheme from what is offered in the Academy kit. 

October 2014

My thanks to www.aviaeology.com for the review sheet. You can get yours direct at this link.

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