Aviaeology AOD72002m: RCAF Coastal Command Beaufighters


$10.59 plus shipping


404 Squadron


Scott Van Aken


Also available in 1/32 and 1/48

As frequent readers will know, Aviaeology concentrates on things Canadian and is mostly involved in WWII subjects. One thing about their decals is that the research that goes into each offering is impeccable. For instance, this particular set has been updated and expanded from a previous offering. It provided not only four superbly printed sheets, but also a booklet that goes into the details of each of the aircraft involved and offers optional markings as the colors and codes changed through the life of some of these planes.

The booklet also goes into considerable detail on the installation of the rocket rails and the modifications that were done to the airframe to allow this armament to be used. Though the instructions are in greyscale, there is a slip included with each set that tells you how to get a full color .pdf file of the instructions, something that many will find to be quite useful.

The aircraft camouflage for this period was pretty much Extra Dark Sea Grey over Sky. Some planes continued to carry full invasion stripes into 1945 while others painted over just the upper ones or painted them out completely. Due to the quick fading of EDSG, some planes took on a very patchy appearance.

There are four individual aircraft options on the sheet with some planes going through several code and code position changes. All are TFX versions and none have the dorsal extension. You have basically options for aircraft  lettered M, H, G and X. The comprehensive instructions provide details for each one in terms of their equipment.  Thanks to the way that Aviaeology does their instructions, it is not practical to show all the options, but you can get a good ideal from the cover and the decals.

The sheets themselves are superbly printed and in perfect register. This set is to be used on pretty much any appropriate 1/72 kit. I know that Airfix and Revell/Matchbox as well as Hasegawa do Beaufighters. Be sure it is the later TF.X as this will require larger, angled stabs and a different windscreen from the early versions. If buying the Hasegawa Beaufighter, then grab a set of Quickboost exhaust as the Hasegawa ones are a joke.

Overall, it is an excellent new sheet and provides one with an excellent replacement sheet for the kit offerings. 

February 2012

My thanks to www.aviaeology.com for the review sheet. You can get yours direct.

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