Aviaeology AOD72034: Venturas in Canada 3




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Scott Van Aken


Also available in 1/48 for $13.39

This third Ventura sheet from Aviaeology is really very cool and as with many of their products, focuses on aircraft operated in Canada. This is another of their sheets that covers Ventura operations during the war. All of these airplanes are Ventura GR.V types that operated with 8, 115 and 149 Squadrons in the Western Air Command. As such, these units did not see much if any action at all as Japanese submarines simply did not operate anywhere near the level of the German fleet on the east coast.

These units also used single letter aircraft codes, making them pretty non-descript. However, there was some color added into the planes. For instance, the first and third of the eight options provided have yellow rudders with yellow upper outer wing sections and the fifth has a red nose piece. Note also that all but one, the fourth option, have solid noses without the windows of the earlier planes.

Camouflage was strictly US inspired as the planes were mostly directly from USN stocks For that reason, we see the first four in the 'Saddleback' scheme of extra dark sea grey and slate grey over white, the fifth in overall white and the other three planes in the standard USN tricolor scheme.

 Aviaeology has gone to great lengths to ensure that the modeler can produce the most accurate representation of the subject that is possible. The result is a wealth of research information and drawings that will allow all the various differences in antennas and equipment to be duplicated by the modeler. This is especially true of ASW planes as the field rapidly changed throughout the war. All of this is accompanies by photos of the actual aircraft to assist in building the model.

The decals are superbly printed and from the look of things, you should be able to do two complete aircraft with what is on the sheet. Aviaeology also has determined that the red in RCAF aircraft is not exactly the same shade that was used for RAF planes so has included bits in that shade should you decide to use it. Simply place them over the existing markings. For kits, you have the Academy/Minicraft version in this scale as well as the ancient Frog kit, which was also released by some Soviet company after Frog went under. There is also an upgrade set that was produced by Pavla, though its availability is unknown as things like this usually sell out quickly.

March 2015

My thanks to www.aviaeology.com for the review sheet. You can get yours direct at this link.

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