Aviaeology AOD72024: RCAF Canso A (PBY-5A)




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Scott Van Aken


Also available in 1/48 for $16.39

One of the workhorses of the Allied military was the PBY Catalina. It wasn't fast, it wasn't sexy and did not shoot down airplanes. However, in the war against the submarine, it was a vital piece of equipment. Able to patrol for hours and alight on the ocean if necessary, the PBY was operated with considerable success during WWII in both the Atlantic and in the Pacific.

Since Aviaeology concentrates on things Canadian, this is a most appropriate sheet for the 1/72 builder. Called the Canso in Canadian service, the PBY-5A was built in Canada and also by Boeing in addition to those from Consolidated. It is this variant and in particular the aircraft from 162 (BR) Squadron that are covered in this set.

There are ten different options provided and while I missed any specific kit mention, I'm sure that most will gravitate towards the still nice Academy kit, though I would imagine that the much older Revell kit would be usable as well.

The highlight of all Aviaeology sets is the instruction booklet. It is a mini-history in and of itself and provides all the details you will need to properly model one of the aircraft from this squadron. In fact, I dare say that only a small portion of the booklet deals with actual markings placement. The rest is equipment differences and camouflage information. There are basically two schemes you can use for this set. A few are the early scheme of Dark Slate Grey and Extra Dark Sea Grey over sky, while most are the two same upper colors, but basically only on the wings upper forward fusealge, and tailplanes with the rest of the aircraft in white. 

The sheet itself is superbly printed  and from the look of things, you can do two planes from the sheet if you choose your markings wisely. 

October 2018

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