Aviaeology AOD72008: 143 Wing (RCAF) Typhoons




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Scott Van Aken


Also available in other scales

The nice thing about Aviaeology is that they offer their subjects in all the appropriate scales. So it is with their 143 Wing Typhoons. In this case, we get all nine options plus the extras. Thanks to the recent release of the Airfix 1/72 Typhoon, I'm sure most modelers will gravitate towards that kit, though there are others out there. Some of these options will require modifications. For instance, there is at least one 'car door' Typhoon and several have three blade props. Not all have Tempest tail planes.

All these planes are in the standard DarkGreen/Ocean Grey over Medium Sea Grey with yellow wing leading edges. Most also have sky fuselage bands and spinners. Many sport invasion stripes, at least on the lower fuselage and some on the lower wings.

Not only are there planes from each of the three squadrons; 438 Squadron, 439 Squadron and 440 Squadron, but you also get wing commander planes. All of these markings are from 1944 up until Bodenplatte on 1 January 1945. It appears from the photographs included in the instructions that none of these plane carried rocket rails so keep that in mind. These were mostly bomb carrying planes.

The decals are very nicely done and include sufficient insignia to do one aircraft. Aviaeology offers separate insignia and data markings. This set had no data markings. You can also use the kit decals for some of these items. The instructions themselves are a booklet and contain a ton of information. I dare say these are among the best researched decal instructions you can find anywhere. When you buy your set, you are sent a link to a set of full color instructions. On the back of the booklet is a quick rundown on each option including the prop type and type of radiator used among other details.

In all, a great set of markings and something a bit different from what is out there for RAF types.

September 2015

My thanks to www.aviaeology.com for the review sheet. You can get yours direct from the link.

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