Aviaeology AOD48021: Coastal Command Strike Wings - Dallachy Beaufighter TF.Xs




144, 455, 489 Squadrons


Scott Van Aken


Also available in 1/72 and with stencils

This latest sheet from Aviaeology continues with its focus on Coastal Command. This time it is the Beaufighter TF.Xs that operated with the Dallachy Wing. While many of these units were flying Beaufighters of various types since 1943, none of the planes in this sheet seem to be from much earlier than late 1944 as there are none shown in the instructions with invasion stripes.

Beaufighters were like any war plane that stayed in production and there were many variations on the theme. For instance, there were three different design horizontal stabilizers, some had an additional fin fillet and others had the 'thimble' nose that housed a radar unit.

Also included in the instructions is information on the design of the late war RP mountings and the torpedo as well as a bevy of other differences between planes of the same mark. This is all accompanied by detail drawings so that you can make any modifications not provided by the kit you are building.

The set includes markings for sixteen different aircraft. These are fairly evenly distributed between three squadrons; 144 Squadron RAF, 455 (RAAF) Squadron, and 489 (RNZAF) Squadron. In addition to differences in equipment, these planes had somewhat different camouflage schemes as well.

The set included four sheets of varying sizes. Thee are pretty much differences in code letters and numbers as it seems these aircraft were pretty much bereft of any sort of art work. There are insignia for one plane and the stripes around the engine cowlings are also part of the set. For stencils one will need to either use the kit items, procure the Aviaeology stencil set or the decal set that includes the stencils. Instructions are among the best in the market with lots of information on each aircraft. While the set included is in greyscale, once you buy the set, you will be provided with a link to a full color .pdf set of very high quality.

For kits in this scale, I think that Tamiya pretty well has things covered and there are aftermarket bits if those are needed. Overall, it is an excellent new set and one that you seriously should consider.

July 2016

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