Aviaeology AOD48013: RCAF Overseas Catalinas




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Scott Van Aken


Also available in 1/72 for $13.99

Moving overseas from the last Catalina review, we have this 1/48 sheet covering 413 and 422 squadrons. Apparently 413 squadron was based in Ceylon (now Sri Lanka), which must have been a fairly uneventful tour as, after the initial Japanese attack on Colombo in the first year of the Pacific war was a fairly quiet theater of operations. Six of the seven options are for aircraft from this unit during 1942-44.

The seventh option is for a 422 squadron plane that was based out of Murmansk in 1942.

The majority of these planes are in the early scheme of dark slate grey/extra dark sea grey over sky with but a few in the later scheme with the white undersides and fuselage sides. There are variations on these and the very comprehensive instructions cover this. You'll also note that all the options are pure flying boats so you'll have to be careful on which boxing you buy for this one.

Decals are superbly printed and you'll be able to model two aircraft using this sheet if you are careful of your choices. Aviaeology has always had top grade reference material in its instructions and this one is no different. In addition to providing specifics on each aircraft, there is a general listing telling the differences between Catalina/Canso variants used by the RAF/RCAF that is certain to come in very handy when building yours.

A great sheet and one you should certainly consider picking up for your next PBY build.

October 2018

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