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Authentic Decals 72-11, MiG-29 part 1




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Scott Van Aken



This sheet from Authentic Decals covers no fewer than ten aircraft. There are full stencils for one and a very comprehensive stencil placement guide is included. Also included is a full painting guide that includes upper views as part of the markings placement guide. Paint colors are in FS 595, Humbrol, Model Master, Revell and Gunze references. No kit is specified, but there are several on the market that can be used as these are all early Fulcrum A versions.

So let's have a look at what is available.

White 36 was based at Wittstok AB in East Germany during 1990

Yellow 07 was at Altenburg AB, also in East Germany during 1990

Red 72 is a Ukraine AF plane from Vasylkov AB in 2001

Red 32 was at Primorsko-Akhtarsk AB in 1999. This marking option has the Russian tricolor on the fin.

White 01 was based at Domna AB in 1999 and has a large Russian flag on the fin.

Also at Domna AB in 1999 was White 40 with a Russian Eagle on the fin and a sharkmouth.

Red 08 was at Mary AB in 1990 and sports a large bumblebee marking on the fin. It also has a sharkmouth.

Blue 26 is a Ukraine AF aircraft from Starokonstantinov AB during1993.

Another Ukraine AF aircraft is Yellow 09 afrom Saky AB in 1993.

Finally a fourth Ukraine AF aircraft, white 48 from Moukachevo AB in 1993

Decals are well printed and matte. They appear to be quite thin.

If you have the opportunity to pick up this sheet, I know you will not be disappointed.

My thanks to for the review sheet.

November 2007

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