Archer Fine Transfers: 35209 - US Gauges and Interior Stencils

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Scott Van Aken

If you are a builder of armor, then you may be aware of Archer Fine Transfers. If not, then you really need to become acquainted with them. Archer provides dry transfers for a plethora of things related to the genre. Dry transfers have two major benefits over the standard waterslide. One is that they are generally more crisply done than the normal printing process for wet decals. The second is that they can be applied directly to rough surfaces without worrying about silvering.  They do require a bit more care in handling and application, but the effort is well worth it. I used Archer's transfers on the 37mm gun I did a month or so ago, and was delighted with the results.

These two sheets are for gauges and interior stencils that are/were used on US military vehicles. There is a a handy guide provided with each set to show just what  is what. The stencils are self explanatory. For gauges, you get fuel, tachometer, speedometer, amperes, temperature and oil pressure. Your references for the model you are building will show you what goes where on your particular kit, but since the army likes things to be uniform, you'll find the same temperature gauge in a Jeep as you'll find in a Sherman (for example).

If you've never tried dry transfers, you are missing on a real boost to the look of your model. If you still want the ease of waterslide decals, you can apply these to clear decal sheet and go from there. As you can see, these are available in either black or white for your particular application.

July 2005

Thanks to Archer Fine Transfers for the review samples.

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