SHEET: Archer Fine Transfers prop markings
SHEET #: AR1/2/300048
PRICE: See article
UNIT(S): A lot
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Dry Tranfers in 1/48

Those of you who have used dry transfers realize the benefits over standard water-slide decals. That is mainly the sharpness of the image and that you don't need to sweat silvering or gloss coating the model prior to use.

This time Archer has come up with some very neat markings for US propellers. Specifically Hamilton Standard logos, Curtiss Electric logos, and prop tips and data markings. As you can see from the enlarged images to the left, these are superbly printed and each provide markings for nine total blades. These are actually more colorful than they seem from the images as dry transfers have a semi-transparent cover over them to protect them until they are rubbed off on the model.

Just an idea on prices: the upper C.E. prop markings are $6.50, the next are Ham Standards at $5.50 and finally prop tips and stencil data at $4.95. Full instructions on their application are provided with the markings. These excellent markings will add a lot to your next project.

August 2006

My Thanks to Archer Fine Transfers for the review samples. Get yours on-line at the link to the left.

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