APC Decals 72104: Avia C-2/Ar.96B

UNITS:  Two Czechoslovakian A.F
PRICE: 50 Koruna SRP
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken

During WWII, a considerable number of Luftwaffe types were built in Czechoslovakia, as the Czechs had a fairly robust aviation industry prior to being taken over by the Germans. They also had quality repair facilities so it is not surprising that after the war, much of their military aviation was based on Luftwaffe types.

APC Decals seems to be fairly focused on types that, through the years, were equipment of the Czech Air Force. This particular sheet is for the Avia C-2/Arado Ar-96B trainer that was extensively used in the post war period.

The sheet provides markings for two aircraft. The sheet is not big, but then it is not expensive either. The sheet and others in this series are 'print on demand' type of markings. This means that the sheet has a single carrier and individual markings need to be cut out prior to use. According to the instructions, you can use standard setting solutions on these if needed, but it would be wise to use the weakest first.

The first option is an Avia C-2 with an agency called CNA, which is the Czech National Aeroclub. The airframe is dark green upper and light blue on the underside. I imagine these correspond fairly closely to RLM 71 and RLM 65.

The second option is an ex-Luftwaffe Ar-96 in RLM 70/71/65. It has most of the Luftwaffe markings overpainted on the upper surfaces or covered with oversize Czech insignia. The undersides have the remnants of a yellow fuselage band and yellow wing tip sections. The radio call sign letters are still present as well.

The decals are quite nicely printed and you get full color markings placement along with them. If you are looking for kits, Heller, KP/KoPro, and Special Hobby do this plane in this scale.

May 2019

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