APC Decals 72008: Avia C-2

UNITS: Three aircraft.
PRICE: 70.00 Koruna SRP
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: 1/72 scale

There are times when we buy an older kit and find that the decals have gone past their 'use by' date. This is particularly true with old KP kits. It seems that back when I was buying these in the 1980s, that every one arrived with yellowed decals even when fairly new.

Most of the time we would then hunt up some aftermarket decals and that would be it. However, there are times when we really want to use one of the options that are on the sheet. APC has helped out with at least one kit and that is KP's Avia C-2. Specifically kit #10 with an image of a Czech Police Security Flight aircraft on the box. Other than the box top plane, I don't know how the other planes are painted, but it seems these were either dark green over light blue or overall silver. There are three different sets of registration and codes on the sheet.

The decals are nicely printed and uses an ALPS style printing method that results in an overall clear carrier. These are more durable than ALPS decals, which can easily be scratched. You can use Microset/sol with these without worry. You are provided insignia and data markings for all the options. If there is a down side, the sheet comes with no instructions as it assumes you already have the KP kit and will use what is provided therein.

June 2019

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