APC Decals 48125: Avia B-33/IL-10

UNITS: 12 options
PRICE: 198.35 Koruna
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: 1/48 scale

The IL-10 was basically an improved IL-2 that saw service in the last months of WWII. It was then widely used by those nations either friendly to the Soviet Union or under the control of the USSR. Some nations, such as Czechoslovakia, had a well established aero industry and in this case, Avia built the type for use at home and by approved nations.

This particular sheet covers the IL-10 in Czech service. The aircraft was painted dark green over light blue and in a few cases there was some additional color. This was generally in the form of painted spinners, but one of these options has the entire outer upper wing painted in red. Note that the upper surface color wrapped around to the underside for a short distance.

Czech IL-10 had two types of fuselage markings. One was one or two letters followed by two numbers. I have to assume the letters indicated the unit. The other presentation was a four digit number, which all start with 5 so I'm assuming it was a serial number. There are sufficient insignia for two of the 12 options.

The sheet is nicely printed and uses an ALPS style printing method that results in an overall clear carrier. These are more durable than ALPS decals, which can easily be scratched. You can use Microset/sol with these without worry.

Special Hobby does a very nice 1/48 IL-10 that would be perfect for this sheet.

June 2019

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