APC Decals 48119: LB-77 (He-111)

UNITS: One aircraft
PRICE: 74.38 Koruna
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: 1/48 scale

As most of you are aware, a goodly portion of the post war Czech Air Force comprised German aircraft, many of which were left on Czech air fields, in repair shops or were actually license built there during the war. This is probably one of the first or second examples.

Designated LB-77, the He-111 served in small numbers until replaced by Soviet equipment. In this case, the aircraft has had all its gunnery positions removed and those on the upper and lower surface of the airframe have been faired over. A small astrodome has been installed on the upper fuselage.

Colors are RLM 71 uppers, as well as the full engine nacelles, and RLM 65 undersides. No kit is specified, but most will go with the Monogram offering as it is widely available. The decals themselves are nicely printed and are thin. A full color placement guide is included.

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