APC Decals 48101: K-65 Cap

UNITS: 6 One Czechoslovakian A.F
PRICE: 86.78 Koruna
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: 1/48 scale

During WWII, a considerable number of Luftwaffe types were built in Czechoslovakia, as the Czechs had a fairly robust aviation industry prior to being taken over by the Germans. They also had quality repair facilities so it is not surprising that after the war, much of their military aviation was based on Luftwaffe types.

APC Decals seems to be fairly focused on types that, through the years, were equipment of the Czech Air Force. This particular sheet is for the Fi-156 Storch which was called the K-65 in Czech post war service. From 1944 until 1949, 138 examples of this aircraft were built in country.

The sheet provides markings for five aircraft. One has to face the fact that, for the most part, Czech planes right after the war were not exactly flamboyantly painted. Dark green over light blue was pretty much the norm and so it is with these aircraft. We are talking insignia and codes. None of the neat unit badges worn on pre-war planes and this trend continued during their Soviet years as well.

The decals are quite nicely printed and are similar to ALPS style with a single carrier. Instructions are well done, though providing no unit/timeframe information. Agama color references are provided as well as references.  No kit is listed, but in 1/48, most will gravitate towards the Tamiya kit, though the older ESCI kit is also an option.

June 2019

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