AOA Decals SS-001: Devil 501 & Devil 505

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Scott Van Aken

AOA Decals has decided to do a neat sheet that includes markings in all three major scales. This one is a movie sheet for the film 'Flight of the Intruder'. This film was released during Desert Storm, yet its rather poor showing at the box office left it with an over 14 million dollar loss.

The US Navy provided a considerable amount of assistance in terms of the use of several A-6E Intruders, repainted to look like Vietnam era A-6As. The major difference aside from the paint scheme, was the removal of the TRAM and installation of a plate. Even then the paint scheme kept most of its TPS colors and only painted the radome, rudder, upper tail planes and upper flaps with white. Good enough to fool most movie goers. Several planes were painted in this fashion to represent one of two aircraft.

This sheet provided markings for NK 501 and NK 505 with variants where appropriate. Helmet decals are also included as are stencils.

The decals themselves are superbly printed by Microscale. No specific kit is recommended, but I would think that pretty much any A-6E from the various companies in the three major scales would be appropriate.

Intruder fans looking for something a bit different should have this one on hand for a coming project.

Below is a photo I took of one of the movie planes while the film was still being shot. You will notice the 'mission marks' behind the pilot name. These are actually seven film cameras. Note also that the TRAM is still installed in this plane. Note also the poorly represented insignia, which the decal sheet has captured quite well.

July 2016

Thanks to AOA Decals for the review sheet. You can find this sheet at this link.

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