AOA Decals 72-002:  Intruder Sandbox

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Scott Van Aken

AOA Decals has now switched over to providing some of their nice A-6 Intruder decals for the 1/72 modeler and I know many will be pleased by this. This particular sheet covers the operations of the Intruder in the Libyan strikes during the 1980s and during Gulf War I. All eight options are in the Tactical Paint Scheme.

What we have is:

VA-34 Blue Blasterss (2 options) - USS America, Operations Prairie Fire & El Dorado Canyon (1986)

VA-55 Warhorses - USS Coral Sea, Operations Prairie Fire & El Dorado Canyon (1986)

VA-85 Black Falcons - USS Saratoga, Operation Prairie Fire (1986)

VA-35 Black Panthers (2 options) - USS Saratoga, Operation Desert Storm (1991)

VMA(AW)-533 Hawks (2 options) - Sheikh Isa Air Base (Bahrain), Operation Desert Storm (1991)

The sheet provides enough 'stuff' to build two complete aircraft and you can do more using some kit markings. Instructions also include load-out information and there is specific info on each of the 8 options. Apparently the Fujimi kit is still the 'go-to' kit for this aircraft in this scale, though I see no reason why you couldn't use the Italeri one as none of the markings save for the rudder checks would be considered kit specific. You also get a much of additional checks, which is a nice touch.

May 2020

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Thanks to AOA Decals for the review sheet. You can find this sheet and images of all the options at this link.

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