AOA Decals 32-028: VA-75 Sunday Punchers (2)

Units: VA-75


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Scott Van Aken

This new AOA Decals sheet continues with their VA-75 'Sunday Punchers' theme, this time providing markings for two planes in the last years of the unit. Both of these options are in the Tactical paint scheme. They are also some of the newest A-6s in the fleet. For a short run the production line was reopened to provide needed airframes.

The first option is from the 1989/90 time frame and has the blockier tail codes worn at that time. The second has the later tail markings and is from a plane that participated in Desert storm, hence the mission markings. Originally these mission markings were aft of the canopy, but were later moved to in front of the intake. .

The decals are superbly printed by Cartograf and you are provided all the usual markings for this aircraft. The instructions provide information on modifying the extant kit as needed and on the correct parts to use for the TRAM variant.

November 2018

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