AOA Decals 32-027: VA-75 Sunday Punchers (1)

Units: VA-75


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Scott Van Aken

This latest AOA Decals sheet concentrates on the A-6A/E Intruders of VA-75 'Sunday Punchers' . It covers the time period of 1972 through 1976 when they operated both the A-6A and initial A-6E aircraft. The latter are not the TRAM variants as the E models were produced prior to the availability of the FLIR system. Indeed, these E models are upgraded As as you can see from the perforated dive brakes (made inoperative early in fleet use).

All the aircraft are in the light gull grey over white scheme. The first two were aboard the USS Saratoga in 1972 during their Vietnam cruise. The first is a CAG bird with the full color tail stripes. The second is a late A-6A without the fuselage speedbrakes.

The second pair are from the Saratoga's 1975/76 operations. These planes have the all white fin/rudder of what many consider their most colorful period. Again, we have the CAG bird with colored stars on the fin and a standard line bird.

These markings are intended for the Trumpeter kit and as is often the case, the kit will need some adjustment to meet specs. None is particularly difficult and AOA has provided information to allow you to achieve this. In addition, you get a most complete set of stencil placement markings, something that is pretty much required when you build in this scale. The decals themselves are superbly printed by Cartograf.

October 2018

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