AOA Decals 32-026: Intruder Airframe Stencils & Markings (High Viz)

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Scott Van Aken

This latest AOA Decals sheet meets a need for many modelers. Often times, a decal sheet or set will include just a single set of insignia and data markings. This is usually due to a lack of space for multiples and the realization that many builders only do one option from a sheet. There are also those who find that the kit supplied stencils/insignia are just not right or have been damaged. Then we have the rare modeler that does multiple options from that aforementioned sheet.

So what AOA has done is provide just what is needed: a stencil and insignia sheet. This particular sheet is in 1/32 scale and provides everything you will need for one airframe. The sheet covers all bases and possible options in terms of marking presentation. The placement guides offer a plethora of notes to help guide you to getting everything just right. This set is useful on all the standard attack Intruders and the tanker.

This particular sheet has been expanded and improved over the previous offering and is available at this link.

October 2018

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