AOA Decals 32-025: FAC & BS Bomber Oscar Deuces

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Scott Van Aken

This latest OA Decals sheet is designed for the recently released Roden 1/32 kit. It covers a variety of aircraft, mostly with the USAF though there is a VNAF plane included. The three major camouflage schemes are included in this sheet starting with the overall black planes, then those in ADC Grey and those in SEA camouflage. A note that the lone O-2B cannot be built using the parts in the Roden kit and I suspect this is due to the prop spinners. I should mention as well that the 'BS Bomber' were those planes involved in psy operations such as dropping leaflets.

Something I did not realize is that apparently the O-2 came without the lower windows on the right side of the plane. I had always thought that was one of the telling features. You'll notice the large white FAC on the sheet. This is provided in case you want to use the kit markings, but was not carried on any of the black options on this sheet. Note also that several of the Roden kit options are warbirds so are not accurate.

Not only are the decals superbly printed, but there is a lot of additional information provided on each of the markings options. This includes a full stencil guide. Since Roden't kit decals are often problematic at best, this would be a great choice for those doing this kit.

March 2018

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