AOA Decals 32-008: DaNang War Horses

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Scott Van Aken

AOA Decals has added another nice set of markings for the KH 1/32 OV-10A Bronco. This set includes five options for three aircraft based at DaNang.

The first three options are all for the same sharkmouthed airplane named 'Louis Little' assigned to the 20th TASS during 1072. There are apparently a lot of photos of this aircraft so we are provided with early, mid, and late 1972 schemes. The differences between the options are minimal, but enough to make it worthwhile to provide alternate decals. The aircraft is in overall ADC Grey FS 16473 with a white upper wing.

The next two are both with VMO-2 several years earlier. These planes are both  FS 14097 Field Green (sometimes called Marine Green) over FS 16440 Light Gull Grey. The first option has a large 'The Angry Two' unit badge on the nose. The upper wing is not all white, but has a large rectangular area painted in the middle of it. This aircraft is from 1969.

The second is from 1970 and while it uses the same colors, the white on the wing fills the upper surface and notes state it may have been white on the underside as well. The forward section of the horizontal stab is also white and again, the notes state it may also be white on the elevator as well. This has a large VMO badge on the fin. None of the options on this sheet have the outer wing pylons.

The decals are superbly printed and include all the unique markings for these planes. Though some stencils are included, AOA offers a full stencil set separately that includes things like the wing walk area and exhaust areas. Simply pick up the sheet appropriate for either the USAF or the USN/USMC aircraft. As with all AOA sheets, this one comes with complete instructions that include a considerable number of notes on each aircraft. A full antenna guide is also provided as these changed between aircraft. 

If you have the Kitty Hawk kit, this would be a set well worth considering.

August 2015

Thanks to AOA Decals for the review sheet. You can find this sheet at this link.

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