SHEET: AML Decals 1/72 Fokker D.XXI
SHEET #: AMLA 72 001
PRICE: Approximately $4 from
UNIT(S): 2/LeLv 12
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Includes resin skis

Here is a neat idea. A combination of decal sheet and detail set. This is especially nice as AML has a great reputation for quality resin and very nice decals. This set offers two marking options for a Fokker D.XXI from 2/LeLv12 during 1942. Both planes are in the standard Olive Green/Black over light grey. The full color placement guide offers color information for FS, Humbrol, Gunze, LifeColor and Agma paints were applicable.

The resin parts are superbly done and the molding is completely flawless. Decals are sharply printed and quite thin. My experiences with AML decals has been very good and the white parts were quite opaque. No kit preferences were provided, but I know of kits by Frog, Pioneer, and Kora for the D.XXI. I'm sure I missed one or two. The resin parts seem to be pretty well universal so all one has to do is to replace the kit fixed gear with these skis.

August 2006

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