AML AMLD 48-028: Yakovlev Yak-1/7 (early series)




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Scott Van Aken


 Includes photo etch harness


While we tend to see a lot of decals in 1/48 scale for P-51s, Spitfires, P-47, Bf-109s and such, we don't usually see much offered for Soviet aircraft. This may be due to the paucity of kits that have been done. When it comes to early Yak-1 and Yak-7 aircraft, I can only think of Accurate Miniatures for the Yak-1 and ICM for the Yak-7 though both of those kits can be found in other people's boxes. The Yak-1 is very nicely done while the Yak-7 is a bit crude by modern standards.

So it was nice to find a 2007 sheet for these planes from AML. It offers 8 options, 6 of which are shown on the cover sheet. All of them are in green, black and light blue.

First up is red 1, a Yak-1 flown by Capt M.D. Barnov in the summer of 1942

Next, in winter camo is the Yak-7B of Maj A.V. Tchirkov in early 1943

Red 86 is a Yak-7B from late 1942 and flown by A.F. Tchernobaly. This plane has a white fuselage band and red spinner.

A Yak-7A 'Kuban Komsomol', is white 7 from June of 1942.

White 27 is a Yak-1 flown by E.V.Petenko near Murmansk in September 1942. It has a white spinner and fin tip.

From 1943 is white 39 as flown by Maj V.S. Miroienko. This one has a considerable number of kill markings on the upper rear fuselage.

Not shown are two Yak-7Bs. One is white 14 of Maj A.V. Tchirkov in May of 1943 and the other is white 1 from the same time period and has a winged propeller on the fin.

The decals look to be nicely printed and the full color placement guide is helpful. A small sheet is included that lists available paints in several brands. A nice addition is a photo etch fret with two sets of seat harness.

Thanks to me for picking this one up. 

February 2014

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