AMDG Decals 48005: Eight Gun Melody part 1

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Scott Van Aken

This is the first sheet of at least two covering the P-47 Thunderbolt in USAAF service; mainly in Europe and the Mediterranean. There are a nice variety of subjects on the sheet and the recommended kit is, of course, the Tamiya versions. Not to say that others could not be used, but that is the kit for which the decals were sized.

So let's get to what is on the sheet, as shown on the sheet cover.

First up is a P-47D-15 with the 526th FS/86th FG in OD over Neutral Grey with some replacement panels, such as the cowling and an area just behind it. The main gear doors and the canopy and windscreen frame are also unpainted metal. It has red trim on the prop hub, forward cowling and cowl flaps. The tail is white with red stripes. The sheet provides the red stripes. Symmetrical Curtiss-Electric prop and this one has wing pylons.

Next is an unpainted metal P-47D-25 with the 82nd FS/78th FG as flown by Capt. Benjamin Mayo in mid 1944, hence the invasion stripes top and bottom. This aircraft  will need to have all the stripes painted on and the cowling painted white to take the large decals. This aircraft has a Hamilton Standard prop.

Third option is 'Miss Carriage', a P-47D-25 with only the fuselage and upper surface of the tailplanes and the fin in Olive Drab. On the underside of the tail planes is a black stripe and the upper stripe has been over-painted with fresh OD. White band on the fin. The cowl flaps on this one are unpainted and there underside of the fuselage has invasion stripes. The sheet provides both silver and white code letters on this 361 FS/356 FG plane from late 1944. Hamilton Standard Prop.

Finally, an unpainted P-48D-28 with a symmetrical paddle blade Curtiss-Electric prop. Red forward cowling and yellow rudder on 'Homesick Angel', which was with the 62nd FS/56 FG in March of 1945.

The instructions are superb, offering all sorts of interesting information on each aircraft and are in full color. Decals are equally well printed in Poland and some of the markings are offered in several parts should you decide to go that route. There also seems to be enough insignia to do all the options.

August 2014

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