AMDG Decals 48004: Yankee Merlin Roars 4

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Scott Van Aken

This is sheet #4 on the Merlin Mustang from AMDG. Again, Tamiya is the company that is recommended but again, I'd bet that these will fit the Monogram or ICM kits without any real issues. Something I like about the sheets are that you are provided a full set of insignia and some data markings for each option. In addition, any smaller decals that may run into registration issues have been provided not only as a single decal, but also as a two piece one to hel alleviate these issues.

So what is on this one? We start with the 357 FG's 364 FS and the plane of Lt. John Howard from March 1944. 'Shoo Shoo Baby' has the Malcolm hood, whip antenna and has the lower fuseagle and lower surface stripped of paint. Considering that the Mustang didn't arrive in the UK until late 1943, it is amazing how much the plane had been changed in just a few months. No fin stripes but the usual wing and stab ones.

Second, in full invasion stripes, is Capt. Jack Bradley's 'Margie Maru'. This 353 FS/354 FG plane was based in France in late June of 1944. The white nose and fin stripe are overpainted in fresh OD.

Another plane stripped of paint is Capt. William Shackleford's 'Queen Jean'. This 375 FS/361 FG Mustang has a Malcolm hood and whip antenna along with a yellow nose. Only a small portion of the fuselage and upper wings are in OD. This was to paint over the invasion stripes which were left on the underside only as it typical of August 1944.

The fourth option is an all metal P-51D from the 504 FS/339 FG in April of 1945. Lt. Vernon Blizzard's 'Punkie III' has the red and white checkered nose and an OD grey rudder.

Each sheet comes complete with a full color painting and markings guide. In addition, there is a lot of information on each aircraft including references for the photos used in the markings. In all, this is a great initial offering. Considering how popular Mustangs are as a modeling subject, it is a great choice of subject. I understand that Thunderbolts will be the subject of the next sheets so stay tuned for those.

March 2014.

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