AMDG Decals 48002: Yankee Merlin Roars 2

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Scott Van Aken

Continuing with AMDG's new releases is their second sheet for Merlin Mustangs. All of these are P-51B/C versions and all have the Tamiya kit as that which is recommended. Rightly so as most constest modelers will choose this one for their work. I would think, however, that these would fit on kits from ICM and Monogram to name two.

First up is Marjorie II, the aircraft of Lt. Byron Houston who was with the 354 FS/355 FG in mid 1944. Like most Mustangs at this time, the white fin stripe was over painted with fresh OD. Unlike most, this one has a bare metal lower wings, fuselage and tail plane. So in this case, the ID stripe on the bottom would be black instead of white.

Next is Capt. Donald Beerbower's 'Bonnie B' from June 1944. This aircraft was assigned to the 353 FS/354 FG and carries a full suite of invasion stripes. It also has what looks like an early antenna mast, mounted aft of its normal position to clear the Malcolm hood. The Accurate Miniatures plane is also recommended for this scheme.

Can't have a Mustang sheet without one from the 363 FS/357 FG and so we have Lt. Frank Gailer's plane from September 1944.  His 'Jeezil Peezil Mommy' in in standard scheme with the Malcolm hood and a whip antenna. Invasion stripes only on the underside of the aircraft.

Moving to the Pacific is this F-6C of the 118 TRS/23 FG. This bare metal plane was the mount of Maj. Edward McComas at Chunking, China in early 1954. Note that this one needs the DF loop antenna on the spine, an item that was required in China. 

Each sheet comes complete with a full color painting and markings guide. In addition, there is a lot of information on each aircraft including references for the photos used in the markings. In all, this is a great initial offering. Considering how popular Mustangs are as a modeling subject, it is a great choice of subject.

March 2014.

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