AMDG Decals 48001: Yankee Merlin Roars 1

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Scott Van Aken

This is the first sheet of a company out of Poland called AMDG. They are going to be providing markings for a number of aircraft types and have decided to start with the P-51 Mustang in US service. Many of the markings on this and later sheets will either be new or ones that have been done incorrectly in the past.

Something I like about the sheets are that you are provided a full set of insignia and some data markings for each option. In addition, any smaller decals that may run into registration issues have been provided not only as a single decal, but also as a two piece one to hel alleviate these issues. While I am sure that these would fit most any appropriate Mustang kit, it is the Tamiya version that has been recommended.

First up is the P-51B of  Capt. Robert Stephens with the 355 FS/354 FG in May of 1944. 'Killer' is in standard OD over neutral Grey with the white nose and fin stripe overpainted with fresh OD, though it keeps the white 15 inch bands on the wings and horizontal stabs. This aircraft has a whip radio antenna.

Next is another P-51B, this time it is 'Hurry Home Honey' with the 364 FS/357 FG in June of 1944. Capt. Richard Peterson's plane has full invasion stripes on the wings and fuselage. It also has the white fin stripe overpainted. This aircraft has a whip radio antenna and a Malcolm Hood. The yellow spinner section is provided as a decal.

The third P-51B is 'Hot Pants', the aircraft assigned to Lt. Wilson Baker of the 370 FS/359 FG in August of 1944. This Green nosed Mustang also has the white fin tip painted out and has invasion stripes on the lower surfaces of the wings and fuselage.

Finally, an unpainted metal P-51D from the 504 FS/339 FG. This was flown by Col. William Clark in April of 1945 and has the rudder painted in medium grey. The red section of the spinner has been provided as a decal.

Each sheet comes complete with a full color painting and markings guide. In addition, there is a lot of information on each aircraft including references for the photos used in the markings. In all, this is a great initial offering. Considering how popular Mustangs are as a modeling subject, it is a great choice of subject.

March 2014.

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