Almark C1: Battle of Britian

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Scott Van Aken

One of the earlier decal makers was Almark of the UK. I'm not sure if they are still extant, but I'd be surprised if they were as decal makers are not exactly long lived.

This sheet is printed all on one carrier and on a yellowish background. It is also quite matte.

There are markings for three aircraft on the sheet, and that includes both insignia and data markings. I would imagine that either Frog or Airfix kits would be the choice of the day and these are in Dark Green/Dark Earth on the upper surfaces with Sky on the underside according the the instructions.

First up is a Spitfire Ia as flown by 'Al' Deere when with 54 squadron at Hornchurch in July 1940. This plane collided with a JG 51 109E and while the pilot managed to return to base, the aircraft was a writeoff.

Next is a Spitfire of Pilot Officer Hardy of 234 Sq. This aircraft was shot up by a flight of Bf-110s ov LG 2 in August and crashed on the Cherbourg peninsula.

Finally a Blenheim IF of Flight Lieutenant Flood of 235 Squadron. This aircraft was shot down with a loss of all hands over Calais in September of 1940.

All three planes have some nose art. The yellow surround of the fuselage roundels is not entirely backed with white so portions of it will disappear on the model as they have on the sheet. In fact, I'd be surprised if these ancient decals are still viable, but one never really knows! That is why I still have them.

September 2007

Review copy courtesy of your editor and his collection.

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