Almark C6: Luftwaffe Protection Flights

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Scott Van Aken

This Almark sheet covers Luftwaffe Protection Flights; those planes used to keep the Allies from shooting down Me-262s during landing and take-off. This sheet was printed in 1997, and since then, the subject has been quite popular with modelers. Many other sheets in all scales as well as kit decals have been done for these planes.

While the sheet still has a single carrier over everything, requiring the modeler to cut each one out, the instructions are a huge improvement over earlier ones. A full stencil placement guide for the 190s is provided.

Two of the 'Parrot' staffel planes with the red undersides and white striping are provided. The striping is included on the sheet, but may be too uniform as we now know that the width of the white stripes varied. These aircraft were used in conjunction with the famous, but poorly performing JV-44.

Two other FW-190Ds are included such as Yellow 2 and Black 10. Both of these JG 54 aircraft are in late war colors with the old style canopy used before production switched in January 1945 to the 'blown' hoods. These were used to support Kommando Nowotny.

There is also a lone Bf-109G-14 from III./JG 7 in protection of their 262s. It is in RLM 75/81/76 with JG 7s red and blue fuselage band (which will have to be painted on). Old style canopy and short tail wheel, though according to the drawing, it had the wide main wheels with the elongated upper wing wheel clearance fairings.

As you can see, the white nearly faded into the sheet backing. Anyway, an interesting sheet for the 1/72 builder and well worth seeking.

October 2007

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