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Albatros Modelworks ALC-007 for A/OA-37




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Scott Van Aken


'Ferocious Bugs' - 
Available in both 1/72 and 1/48

Albatros Modelworks has done it again. Another excellent decal sheet. Like their previous sheets, the decals are absolutely flawless. They are in perfect register, offer many of the markings as two part decals to assure proper register, and, if they are like the Thud sheet I used recently, are opaque and very easy to apply.

Other than two Superscale sheets produced a long time ago, the A-37 Dragonfly has not been well served by decal makers. This is particularly true in 1/72. While this sheet is the 1/48 version, I'm assured that all the same planes are available in 1/72, especially as the color diagrams are for both sheets! I'd go into a history of the A-37, but it really isn't needed. What I shall say is that this plane is sort of like the T-6 or P-51 of the 50's and 60's. The A-37 is especially well suited for export to countries that do not have the infrastructure in place to be able to maintain an expensive aircraft like the F-15 or F-16. It also helps that the plane is no where near as expensive, is much easier to fly and maintain, and is much more suitable to the kind of environment in which they will be used, and that is as a COIN fighter.

It isn't surprising then, that the greatest users of the A-37 outside the US are mostly in Central and South America. There are a few in the Far East, and basically every country except South Korea and North Vietnam is represented on this sheet.

Before getting on to the decals, let me give you some info on the instruction sheet. There are two full sheets with profiles on three  sides with the fourth being an overhead view of the camo scheme. I'm glad that Albatross has included this overhead view as it was lacking from the Thud sheet. I did find the sheet to be very useful, though some of the black decals are barely visible against the dark backgrounds of several of these aircraft schemes. Nothing that will make it impossible to complete the scheme, though. 

Another real nice improvement is in the data placement. With so many countries using the plane, there are often different languages used. The data placement sheet takes those into consideration. It also gives what is on the decal as well as a number

As you can see from the images to the right, you get one full, and two smaller sheets. The main sheet has most of the insignia and special markings while the other sheets mostly take care of stencils. For many of the aircraft on the sheet, there are both hi-viz and low-viz markings. Several countries have been operating the Dragonfly long enough to go through several scheme changes as well and some of them are presented on this sheet.

Well, now down to what is there.

Like I said, a truly incredible decal sheet!  Building each aircraft on the sheet will keep you quite busy as by my count, that is 23 aircraft! Fortunately, there are two very good kits of the A-37 out there. In 1/72 is the pretty new Academy kit, while in 1/48 is the more elderly but still quite nice Monogram kit. This last kit has just recently been reissued so get it while you can.

I have only shown one of the three sheets of profiles for the sake of space. It shows Peru, Ecuador, El Salvador, South Vietnam and the USAF.

By the time you read this, it should be at your favorite hobby shop or on its way. Highly recommended. I personally cannot wait to see what they come up with next!

Review copy courtesy of Albatros Modelworks. 
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