Albatros #002 "Caribean Eagles"


 Various Peruvian AF aircraft




Scott Van Aken



This is the second Albatros sheet that I received and it covers one of my favorite subjects; the Cuban Air Force. Again, this sheet is available in both 1/72 and 1/48 scale, with the 1/72 sheet shown.

As with the previous sheet, the registration is perfect and the black outlines are offered as separate decals to assure quality registration. As with the other sheet, the two page color decal placement chart is superbly done. All color callouts are in FS 595 form to ensure good color matching. Also a list of preferred kits is given to help the modeler find that which is best for him.

So what is on this sheet? Basically a ton of Cuban MiGs and a lone Mirage 2000 from the Peruvian AF. Let me get the Peruvian AF Mirage first. It is from Grupo Aereo de Caza 4 and is the only unit in the Western Hemisphere flying the Mirage 2000. There are sufficient decals and stencils to do any of the 24 Mirage 2000Ps that are flying. The stencil suite with this sheet is quite complete.

The Cuban AF selection includes Mig-15, 17, 21, 23 and 29. You get decals for one Mig-15 in overall aluminum paint and one Mig-17 in overall light grey. Judging from the placement guide, none of the Cuban aircraft carry wing roundels or identification markings of any kind, which is something I did not realize.

When it comes to the Mig-21, there are three versions available; the PFM, MF, and bis. The PFM is in overall aluminum, while the MF is an a green/grey camouflage scheme. The bis is in an overall light grey. There is a second set of numbers for the MF for an aircraft with no fuselage roundels.

Coming to the more modern aircraft, there are schemes for three Mig-23BN/MS Floggers. The BN will require cross-kitting the available Mig-23 kits with a Mig-27 to get the required nose. All are in a camouflage scheme of green/grey or green/tan, and only the BN has fuselage roundels.

Finally, the hottest aircraft in the Cuban Air Force, the Mig-29A/UB. These aircraft are in two greys with red or black numbers and no roundels at all, only the tail band. As with the other modern aircraft, there is a full stencil suite.

Another superb and very interesting sheet from Albatros. Highly recommended. If you can't find them at your local retailer, ask him to order them for you.

Review copy courtesy of Albatros Modelworks. 

This sheet and others are also available from Flight Decs. Please check their website for this and other sheets.