AirDoc 48016: A-7D Corsair II

Units: Many ANG




Scott Van Aken

Among the many Navy aircraft types that the USAF bought during the 1960s, the A-7D was purchased to replace the aging F-100 fleet in the light ground attack role. Changes were made to the equipment to meet USAF requirements, one of the biggies being improved brakes. This sheet covers ANG aircraft from five different ANG squadrons and provides 13 markings options. This allows you to build the plane in any of the various camouflage schemes that were worn by these planes. They started in the SEA scheme, then to SEA wraparound, then to Euro 1 and finally the two greys wraparound scheme they carried when they ended their service life. Most ANG A-7D units transitioned to the F-16, though some went to KC-135s.

There are two sheets, (well, a sheet and a bit) included. One provides unique markings while the other provides some insignia, data markings and the black HF radio warning areas.

As you can see from the images, the units involved are the 188 TFS New Mexico ANG, 125 TFS Oklahoma ANG, 146 TFS Pennsylvania ANG, 162 TFS Ohio ANG and 120 TFS, Colorado ANG. The recommended kit in 1/48 is the Hasegawa version that can still be easily found

My thanks to AirDoc for the review sheet. You can find these at your local hobby shop and if not, ask them to order them for you. You can also order direct by e-mailing for more information. As yet, AirDoc does not have a web presence.

This same set of subjects is available in set 72016 for 1/72 builders and 32010 for 1/32 builders.

May 2006

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