AIMS 72D010: He-111 Collection Part Three

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Scott Van Aken


One more great sheet from AIMS is this one on the He-111 in 1/72 scale. Thanks to the recent issues by Hasegawa, the family is growing. This particular sheet has markings for eight aircraft. All are in the standard bomber scheme of RLM 70/71/65, though some have been modified and I'll mention that when I get to those. For those who don't have a Hasegawa He-111, no worries as these markings should work just fine on your Italeri, Airfix, or even Matchbox kit.

#1 is an He-111P-2 from I./KG 54 during May 1940.

Next is a black bellied P-2 variant for the Battle of Britain from September 1940.

Third is an H-6 version from Stab 1./KG 26 during late 1942 while operating out of Norway

This white-tailed version was an H-6 of 6./KG 26 while based in Italy during mid 1943. Big white fuselage band.

The fifth option as well as the rest of the sheet is from the Russian Front. This is an H-16 from Gruppen Stab KG 53. Note the yellow band on the radio mast.

This winter camouflaged H-16 was used as a glider tug with Scheppegruppe 4 during 1943/44.

A most interesting scheme with black undersides and large splotches of RLM 76 in a 'cloud' pattern adorns this H-20 of 4.KG/53 during June 1944.

Finally, a stock camouflaged He-111Z-1 Zwilling with I/LLG 2 as seen in February 1943. This is the only Zwilling that was known to carry a unit badge.

From the look of things, there are enough insignia to do two complete aircraft (or one Zwilling). Those wanting to do additional aircraft can glean the insignia from the kit's decals.

A superb sheet and one that should come in quite handy.

March 2006

Thanks to AIMS for the review sheet.  These sheets are also carried by Hannants in the UK, or you can order from:

John McIllmurray
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