AIMS 72007: He-111 pt 2

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Scott Van Aken

Now for the second He-111 sheet from AIMS. There are various kits from Matchbox, Italeri and Hasegawa to fill your needs when it comes to the different varieties. For the H-20 and Z-1, only Italeri does these variants as of this writing. Unless noted, all are in the standard bomber camouflage of RLM 70/71/65.

First is an H-1 with the X-beam navigational equipment from 1/KG 100 in mid-1940. Note that his has the tubular exhaust.

With the large white 'bar' markings, is this H-2, which took part in the daylight bombing of 1940. It also has tubular exhaust.

In a desert scheme of 78/79/80 is this H-4. It was most probably the personal transport of Erwin Rommel. It has the white fuselage band typical of the theater.

Next is a partial white winter scheme on an H-5y of 1./KG 53. It has yellow on the fuselage band and lower wing tips as is normal for an eastern front aircraft.

From 3./KG 26 comes this H-6 version in normal eastern front markings of a yellow fuselage band and lower wing tips.

The H-20 in the group is from KG 27. It also has eastern front markings as well as a missing tail cone and poorly oversprayed factory markings.

The lone Z-1 'Zwilling' is the prototype. The decal sheet missed the proper code so that has been added on an addendum sheet (not shown). Also admittedly missing are the proper black fill crosses and swastikas. Those have not been added and must be gleaned from another source.

There are sufficient insignia to do at least two aircraft directly from the sheet, with stencils and such coming from the kit decals. A very nice addition is a reference for each scheme so that readers will be able to use it for additional information.

March 2005

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