AIMS 32D011: Monotone Me's

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Scott Van Aken

AIMS does not release decals that often, but when they do, the provide interesting subject and this potpourri of Messerschmitts is no exception. The theme behind this sheet are planes that are painted in a single color, something that perhaps will draw the attention of modelers who would rather not spend a lot of time masking and painting a complex camouflage scheme. The aircraft included are a nice mixture of types so let's have a look at what is included.

First up are a trio of Bf-110s. The first one is an all matte black Bf-110E from II./NJG 1 in late 1940. THis plane was flown by the unit commander Hptm. Walter Ehle and sports his kills on the fin.

Next is another matte black plane, this time a Bf-110D from 7./NJG 1 with yellow bands on the fuselage and lower wing, a marking carried for only a brief time.

The third option is a radar equipped Bf-110G-4 from the 1943 time period. It has the codes for 1./NJG 2, but no unit badges. It is an overall RLM 76

A trio of Bf-109s is next with the first being an overall RLM 76 plane, white 43 from 5./NJG 11. This Bf-109G-10 was used on anti-Mosquito missions.

The second 109 is a Bf-109G-14/AS with 3./JG 1 in late 1944 as part of their 'high altitude' staffel. It is also overall RLM 76 with the red Reich Defense band and a large white spiral on the prop.

The last 109 on this sheet is an all black Bf-109G-6/AS from 2./EJG 2. This was used in the Night Fighter Training Staffel on anti-Mosquito missions. The drop tank is the only part of the plane that isn't black.

A completely unpainted Me-262 is next, this plane being found in April of 1945 by US troops. No markings other than those applied in paint by the troops.

Finally, an overall RLM 76 Me-163 Komet. This is one of the large number of prototypes, V45.

Fortunately, there are kits of all these planes in 1/32 scale, though conversions will be needed for two of the /AS Bf-109s.

The decals themselves are superbly printed and the instructions are first rate. Each entry has information on that particular plane as well as information on the source of the photo from which the scheme was derived.

I have used AIMs decals in the past and they are superbly done.

February 2014

Thanks to AIMS for the review sheet. You can find this and other products on their website. These sheets are also carried by Hannants in the UK.

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