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Scott Van Aken

With the new Tamiya 1/32 P-51D on the market, it is not surprising to find aftermarket sheets being made for it. AIMS has taken the clue and has produced this excellent sheet for Korean War aircraft. What AIMS has done, is to provide the unique markings for these options. It is up to the builder to use kit markings for all the common stuff, like data and stencils. The later US insignia can be replicated by adding red stripe decal to the kit insignia (at least that is what I think those small red stripes are for). This allows the dedicated 1/32 Mustang fan the opportunity to build most of the options on the sheet.

The first two options are SAAF F-51Ds of 2 Squadron, which operated the type for a full two years. 'Miss Maarunouchi' is a pretty standard bird with an orange spinner and oil cooler intake. The other is unnamed, but has a four color spinner and was flown by the squadron's commanding officer. Both planes have olive drab anti-glare panels.

Next is the first of two planes from the 18th FBG. These planes sported shark mouths and each was a bit different so the sheet includes both of them. Now you get the white teeth so will need to paint the red bits. Note that they both have black anti-glare panels, as do all the US planes. However, the canopy frames and area behind the canopy is also painted black. The first plane is Glessner's aircraft who shot down a Yak-9 early in the war. The other is 'Little Beast II' and sports a yellow rudder trim pab.

Moving down a bit, the one with all the red trim was flown by Major 'Moon' Mullins, also of the 18th FBG, who destroyed four aircraft on the ground early in the war.

Finally, an RF-51D (F-6D) from the 45th TRS in 1952. It has a yellow fin tip, blue spinner with white dots (which will have to be painted) and this aircraft carries an ADF loop antenna aft of the radio mast.

The decals themselves are printed by Cartograf in Italy so are world class. For kits, most will go for the Tamiya kit, but those who don't mind a few glitches will gravitate to the Dragon kit, especially for the F-6D. AIMS always supplies references for its markings so you can visit those, if you have them, for a bit more info on how these planes looked.

March 2012

Thanks to AIMS for the review sheet. You can find this and other products on their website. These sheets are also carried by Hannants in the UK.

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