Sheet #

Liveries Unlimited AGA4-158 
1/144 Boeing 737-600/700/800




SAS - Scandanavian Airlines

Review By:

Scott Van Aken


For Revell 1/144 B.737-800


The third in a trio of brand new sheets from Liveries Unlimited is for the SAS 1/144 B.737-600/700/800. SAS has changed their livery from the old one with a cheatline and prow of a viking ship to this white body with blue tail scheme with fuselage markings in silver.

Liveries unlimited has includes all the registration numbers so that you can do any of the fleet. In addition, the word 'Scandanavian' has been included as printed on an ALPS printer as it produces superior metallics to that done by normal silkscreen decal processing. LU has also provided a separate decal for the overwing escape markings.

Now you are probably wondering how in the world you can make the shorter -600 and -700 aircraft. Well, it is quite simple. LU has provided a separate sheet that shows in great detail exactly what you need to do to shorten the -800 fuselage so that you can model the other types. Kowtowing to the masses, these are in metric units so we poor Americans are going to have to fork over for a ruler in centimeters in order to do the conversions. LU also provides other information needed to convert the longer fuselage. There are window decals provided for all three versions, a touch that we have come to expect from what has become the premier Airliner decal maker.

I'm sure that you will be quite satisfied with this sheet as it gives you everything you need to make a first-class airliner model.

Review copy courtesy Liveries Unlimited 

If you can't find their decals at your local hobby shop, you can order them direct from the link above.

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