Sheet #

Liveries Unlimited AGA4-157 
1/144 Airbus 320/321




British Midland

Review By:

Scott Van Aken


For Revell 1/144 A.320/321

Liveries Unlimited has produced another super sheet, this time for a European Carrier; British Midland. This sheet is designed for the new Revell 1/144 Airbus A.320/321 kit. In order to do a proper BM airliner, you need to get the Lufthansa 321 kit. The main reason for this is that it has the correct IAE V.2500 engines that are on all British Midland Airbus aircraft. 

Just to show you my personal ignorance, I have never heard of these engines, figuring that all modern airliners were powered by RR, P&W, or CFM engines of various types. For those wanting to do an Airbus 320, you need both the Lufthansa 321 and the 320 kit. You also need to do some panel filling as apparently Revell used the 321 wing for the 320 kit and they are not precisely the same. No big problem for any real airliner enthusiast!

As expected, the decals themselves are beautifully done and offer enough registration numbers to do the entire fleet, even those not yet delivered! Like other LU sheets, the cheat lines are a bit thick in order to provide sufficient opacity to the lighter colors to prevent bleedthrough. Also like all LU sheets, the white is double thick, again to prevent the underside colors from showing through.

Another great sheet and one that will make many British airliner enthusiasts quite pleased.

Review copy courtesy Liveries Unlimited 

If you can't find their decals at your local hobby shop, you can order them direct from the link above.

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