Sheet #

Liveries Unlimited AGA4-156 
1/144  Boeing 757-200




US Airways

Review By:

Scott Van Aken


For Minicraft 1/144 B.757-200

Gee, I hate to be trite, but Liveries Unlimited has done it again. Another superb decal sheet. I notice that they now have a standard background showing a map of the world and I like it much better than the previous background. Guess that should be enough sucking up for this review (more to come later, so stay tuned!).

It is hard for me to believe that the B.757 may be nearing the end of its first run with major airlines, but according to the instruction sheet, these are all soon to be replaced at US Airways with Airbus aircraft! Many have found the current US Airways scheme to be very nice, especially compared to the previous one. The almost black dark blue is a nice color, though one must wonder how much extra cooling is needed thanks to the dark scheme.

As you can see, you get all the usual doors and windows as well as the cheat lines and logos. You'll have to paint the dark blue yourself, but it shouldn't be that difficult to do as long as you can mask a straight line. Despite years of hearing how much more prototypical grey windows were, here we have them in black. Frankly, I prefer black over the grey as it just looks better on the aircraft. 

In addition to all the service markings, you get enough registration numbers to do the whole fleet. There is a note in the instructions that should be heeded by all modelers and that is to check what you are doing against photos of the prototype. Often times a plane will have some small difference from others in the fleet. This is particularly true of airliners as they may have font changes to registrations after a repaint. 

The cheatline decals are thicker than the rest of the decals on the sheet. This is because of the double layering of white under them so they won't have any bleedthrough of the very dark blue background. Having used LU decals on my own kits, I can tell you that the extra layer is welcomed and barely noticed on the completed model.

Just a note, all the windows are a dark grey and not black. When I darken the image to let the white become more visible, this happens.

Review copy courtesy Liveries Unlimited 

If you can't find their decals at your local hobby shop, you can order them direct from the link above.

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